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What is a General Contractor?

A General Contractor is the one who manages everything that you need for your renovation. If you require a remodel, upgraded, a new build, something demolished or fixed, then you will require the assistance of a General Contractor. A General Contractor will make your task easier, because you only need to communicate with a single company in order to get the job done.


Why Should you Use a General Contractor?

There is a great deal of timing and organizing that needs to happen on a project and your Contractor is the best person to make this happen. A General Contractor is a Project Manager that will delegate all the tasks and timing to insure a timely and efficient process.

Your General Contractor will also save you from the trouble of finding all the subcontractors one by one. General Contractors have a list of their trusted subcontractors, which in turn gives you peace of mind that the subcontractors on your site are well versed and have a good working relationship with your General Contractor. They take the pressure off of you.


What are our Safety Protocols?

We work under the direction of Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety, and follow all protocols as required by OHS.  We ensure that your work site is a safe and secure place during the Construction Phase. 


We require that all Subcontractors working for us maintain and have up to date Workers' Compensation and their own personal Insurances.


We provide a comprehensive Insurance Program and provide to you our Certificate of Insurance upon Commencement of the Project or as requested.




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